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About Havenwyld Ceramics

After a career in the high stress life of the computer industry, Kimmi Kerns was able to turn her passion for art into a business reality, founding Havenwyld Ceramics when she moved to Washington state in 2003.

"I chose ceramics because it combines my love of painting and the need to work with my hands. I guess I never got over the pleasure of making mud pies as a child! Since throwing pots on a wheel is just a little too messy for me as an adult, I use a slab roller to create tiles and other hand-built items. I enjoy creating art pieces and tiles that beautify home and garden spaces.

Living at the beach, I find myself making pieces with ocean motifs and it's really cool to live next to Washington State's tallest lighthouse!

My work has also been influenced by the art of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. And I love, love, love the style of the Art Nouveau period, which drew heavily from those ancient civilizations as well.

And of course, one of my influences is 'GUMBY'!
(He was once a little green slab of clay....
You should see what Gumby can do today....)"

As well as creating coasters, trivets, wine bottle holders and tile art, Kimmi is currently accepting commissions.

Personal Info

Kimmi lives in Westport, WA with her husband, Larry.  Although she lives in Westport, Kimmi's art studio is in Grayland, 6 miles away - a 10 minute scenic drive down the Pacific Coast.

Come visti the studio this summer! Click here for more info.